I love working with first time home buyers. The excitement of finding that first home and building equity in a property… and maybe even a family! You may be asking yourself why you need a real estate professional to buy a house. First of all – why wouldn’t you want a free resource to help you find your home? The seller covers agent fees associated with home sales. Real estate professional can guide you to homes on the MLS® (Multiple Listing Service®), a cooperative and comprehensive selling system that includes an inventory of listings of all participating agents – which is in essence, all of them. I not only help you find the right home in your preferred neighbourhood, but my role as a real estate professional is to help you understand your financing, make an offer, and come to an agreement/contract. While many people have an idea of the type of home and/or location they want to settle, there are some things you should consider…

  • Priorities – Do you want urban or rural, close or far from a job or family, big or modest… and what can you afford?
  • Location – Does a school system matter to you or are you years away from that mattering?
  • Maintenance – Do you want your home to be a project/fixer-upper OR do you prefer something where you will move in, place your furniture and be done with it?
  • Style – Do you know what kind of home you would like in terms of layout? What’s desirable for one may be the least desirable for another.

How much can you afford?

I am happy to help you establish a price range for the home we search for as a price range is step one in any search. Keep in mind there may be a difference between the financing you can get and what you should get. You don’t want a home payment to be such a stretch that every month is a struggle. Of course a big part of how much financing you will need will be how much of a down payment you can afford.