Did you know that even if you are a buyer of new construction that you can hire a real estate professional. But why? A real estate professional can protect your interest and serve as an advocate throughout the build and buying process.

Kim can help you with the following:

Property Evaluation

  • Cost evaluation
  • Side-by-side analysis of the different extras and features offered
  • Providing market evaluation of the property comparing with resale-homes
  • A report on all prospective builders and their track records


  • Recommend inspectors for various milestones
  • Recommend building inspectors
  • Prior to signing review the Builders Agreement of Purchase and Sale to ensure no hidden costs or easements that may affect the property.


  • Help you avoid pitfalls and mistakes that come up with new home construction.
  • Provide you with the knowledge and background on every “little” decision and how it will impact your resale.