Take just a few minutes to Google how much a home improvement will return on your investment and you will get a wide variety of opinions. I find that a lot of these articles over-inflate the value of a home improvement project. For the most part, my advice would be to upgrade your home for you first, for resale value secondarily.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

The most middle-of-the-road estimates I found were in Huffington Post which estimates that you “can recoup 75 percent of a minor kitchen remodel and 60-68 percent of a major kitchen remodel.” Other sources will tell you that you will not only get all of your money back, but also make money from a bathroom or kitchen remodel. The problem with reports from sources like remodel.com that show that you will make money from a remodel is that they don’t come with a guarantee – you are not selling your home based solely on your kitchen remodel or independent of dozens of other factors. Again… remodel for yourself first, for resale second.

Deck or Patio Addition

Landscaping, decks and patios will all make your home more enjoyable, but estimates are consistent across multiple sources that you will recoup around 75% – 85% of your investment.

Siding and Windows

More than recouping your investment (around 75% for each), replacing windows, siding or even a roof can be the difference between selling your house and taking your house out of the running for numerous potential buyers.

What can or should you do? Replace outdated fixtures and paint your house so it is better staged. See Making the First Impression for more.