I get it – selling a house can be a pain. But there are numerous little “pains” that will help you sell your house faster, for more money.

Curb Appeal

You don’t need to hire a landscape architect, but if you want to sell your Ottawa home, make sure you keep your lawn cut, your hedges and shrubs trimmed, and your gardens stocked with colourful flowers and free of weeds. Take a power washer to your walk and even your house if it is needed, applying touch up paint when called for. Additionally, make sure you clean up any oil spills on your driveway or in your garage… and clean your garage!

Place Out the Welcome Mat

Make sure that your porch and foyer are clean as these are the prospective buyer’s first impression as the agent fumbles for the access code and/or key. You don’t want your storm door or screen to be in disrepair or you will be sending the message that the property a prospective buyer is entering is run down. Want to take the extra step? Paint or varnish front door – it may be the most beneficial best hour you will spend.

Create the Right Environment

This doesn’t have to be leaving a fresh plate (and the smell) of chocolate chip cookies on the counter… but that certainly doesn’t hurt! This means that your home should smell fresh and clean and the lights should be on – you don’t want your prospective buyers distracted looking for light switches. And “lights on” places every room of your house in the best light… literally! Speaking of light – let the sunshine in with the drapes/blinds open. If your home has a fireplace (and it is the appropriate time of year), turn it on! The right environment also means a clean environment. This can be the most challenging part of selling your home – keeping it clean while living there at the same time. Make sure the bathrooms and kitchens are clean and fresh and if you have pet odors, they need to be mitigated.

“Stage” Your Home

You will want to minimize your personal photos so prospective buyers see your house as a potential home for them. You will also want to take steps to make your home feel bigger. This can be accomplished by clearing out clutter including piles, clutter in closets, and even excess furniture.

Fix It

You know what is wrong with your home – you will need to fix it either after the inspection or up front. Doing so up front will help you move your house faster. Fix leaks, tighten doorknobs, latches, and fixtures and replace light bulbs. If an area needs a fresh coat of paint, or even a more neutral shade – do it. You will be glad you did.